Serving the Restaurant Industry for Over Three Decades

We specialize in restaurants projects for fast growing brands and national chains, while offering individualized solutions for entrepreneurial chefs and restaurant groups.  

Our team includes:

  • Experienced superintendents who work exclusively with our restaurant clients.  They relocate to the community where your project will be and manage the project through completion.
  • Project Managers are your detailed, hands-on partner with you and our superintendents to meet and exceed your expectations. 
  • EquiTeam Principal, who is engaged on a weekly basis to ensure your team is on track to deliver your project to your expectations.
  • EquiTeam employees and partners. Our Subcontractor Qualification Process includes a review of performance metrics, financial strength and an on-site interview before we bring anyone on the team to deliver on your project.

Our clients value our:

  • partners (architects, engineering, design, subcontractors) that bring excellence to your project
  • local knowledge – accelerating the pace of project completion, no matter where your restaurant is going to be built
  • experience in permitting and health inspections – no surprises
  • experts in foodservice equipment installations – done right the first time
  • EquiTeam is process driven – we make sure we understand your vision and we roll up our sleeves to make it happen.  Our EquiTeam promise includes 24/ 7 access to our owners and project team, complete up-to-date information on project status and regular Principal-led reviews.

Whether it is a unique, one of a kind restaurant project (like Chef JJ’s), the introduction of a new restaurant concept to a region of the country (Stacked Pickle) or a roll-out of multiple restaurants with tight timelines (Seattle’s Best and Starbucks), EquiTeam will deliver your project to your expectations.

Some Clients We've Worked With:

Featured Project: Chef JJs

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Industry: Restaurants

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EquiTeam brings expertise in the fields of design, engineering, and construction to every project.

But we bring more than that -- Our Promise and a commitment to your complete satisfaction!

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