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EquiTeam, LLC is dedicated to the continual improvement of systems, processes, and our TEAM. We make the process of construction more exciting, enjoyable, and predictable for our customers and our employees. We define success in the form of complete satisfaction to our customer. This results in long-range security for EquiTeam as a company, financial security and job satisfaction for employees and their loved ones, and realization of customers' and employees' personal goals and dreams.

We value every member of our TEAM. Below you will find descriptions for our most hired positions and a link to our general application. Remember we may not be hiring at this moment, but if a position opens up, we will let you know. Take note that the EquiTeam offices are currently run from Indianapolis (HQ) and Phoenix and work is mostly conducted in the surrounding areas.

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​​​​​​Project Manager

The PM is responsible for project oversight. This includes understanding the needs of the client, understanding and communicating the scope of the project, working with the Estimating department to take a bid to construction budget, writing contracts, subcontracts,  managing project quality, budget and schedule to maintaine customer satisfaction. Most of their time is spent in the office, but they do make regular site visits.

Assistant Project Manager

The Asst. PM is responsible for assisting the PMs with their regular duties. Asst. PMs will work with multiple PMs and on multiple projects at a time. The Asst. PMs play a large role in maintaining a timely, high quality, and budget friendly project.


The Estimator is responsible for estimating the cost of a potential project. They work with the subcontractors to elicit a competitive price on materials and services. The Estimator manages the vendor lists by keeping up to date contact information and unit prices.  assessing work quality. They determine which vendors will give the best quality and most cost-effective solution for each project.

Business Development Associate

The BD functions as a sales representative. They act as a liaison between EquiTeam and the client. The BD is responsible for finding and securing projects with new and/or returning clients.  Significant assistance is available to "close" the sale.


The Superintendent manages the job site. They work almost exclusively in the field. The Superintendent is responsible for coordinating all subcontractors and vendors and for overseeing the crews in the field. Also will complete all documentation on site to include daily reports.   Superintendents should be detail oriented and have the ability to predict and prevent problems before they occur.

Field Crew Superintendent

The FCS manages the EquiTeam crews. The FCS sets crew schedules, tracks tools, and oversees crew productivity and efficiency. They are the point of contact between the Director of Construction and individual crew members. 


Carpenters will be asked to perform a variety of tasks over the course of a project. Potential examples include wood framing, metal stud framing, exterior wood trim, interior trim, commercial hardware, and drywall. Advancement to a supervisory role is a very real opportunity.


Laborers will perform tasks such as cleaning, removing debris, loading and unloading materials, assembling and disassembling temporary structures, digging trenches, compacting earth, and assisting skilled craftspeople with their duties. Often the company will take steps to advance this person into a carpentry position.  The lion's share of your time will be functioning as an assistant carpenter.


EquiTeam brings expertise in the fields of design, engineering, and construction to every project.

But we bring more than that -- Our Promise and a commitment to your complete satisfaction!

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